We are one of the most reliable and best taxi service providers in Melbourne. With Silver Taxis, you will get immaculate clean cars, excellent customer services and courteous drivers all the times, who knows that best possible route anytime of the day to your destination. All Silver Taxis driver are experienced and well versed with the knowledge of Melbourne and are best in driving and communication skills. Silver Taxis make sure that you arrive at your destination on time and in style.

Silver Taxis has its own standards of cars and drivers which makes it different normal taxi company. Silver Taxis got its own independent criteria of selection of cars and driver and every driver is trained to deliver best possible customer service in taxi business. Our every taxi and driver need to continuously maintain his very high standard of service, to being the part of our fleet. We are committed to provide safe, prompt and courteous service. Your satisfaction and safety is our top priority. We always welcome the feedback to improve our service